Why Do We Love Music? A Recent Study Shows That It Literally Feels Like A Friend

The similar thing happens when you minimize hole reeds and blow across the highest. A reed that’s half so long as another will sound an octave higher than the longer one. The movement of the celebrities, it was said, produces harmony. For the founders of Greco-Roman civilization, music was included in what turned generally known as the quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy) and along with the trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) comprised the seven liberal arts. In other phrases, music was understood to explain and control just about everything inside and surrounding us.

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It is the word for this miraculous invention in English, Swahili, Arabic, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Russian, Danish, German, Basque, Latin, and all of the Romance languages. An octave, for example, could be achieved by shortening a vibrating string to half its length.

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  • Hill and D’Angelo commerce sensual verses with a clean, tenderness in a stripped down ballad which may just make you wish to strip down as properly.
  • “Nothing Even Matters” won’t have obtained as a lot recognition on Hill’s critically acclaimed The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill as different singles, but, wanting back, it was a close to perfect showcase for 2 of the ’90s foremost neo-soul artists.
  • It’s about wanting to preserve an ideal moment that should pass—but that may no less than be prolonged and treasured in memory.
  • Considered by many to be the gold standard in opposition to which all romantic standards are judged, this perennial wedding favorite marries a chic, hovering melody by Jerome Kern with a personal, wistful lyric by Dorothy Fields.
  • For two singers who reached the peaks of musical achievement through astounding ambition and innovation, this restrained and easy love song exhibits simply how talented every was beneath all of it.

No marvel there are individuals who do not think of our species as Homo sapiens, sensible hominids, however rather Homo narcissus. The Romans carried the music of the Greeks all through the world and found that the indigenous music of the peoples it subsumed into their empire could be enfolded into Greco-Roman music’s fundamental language. The Greeks organized music by modes (we call them scales at present), and those modes were called by the names of their varied indigenous tribes, together with Dorians, Aeolians, and Lydians.

Music in the Phrygian mode, for instance, was believed to characterize the characteristics of the Phrygian people who lived within the mountainous region in what is now western Turkey. Music managed conduct by way of description and by creating an environment that transcended and transformed the tangible world around us.


The additional we probe back in time toward the year 500 the more controversy there is as to what the written symbols representing music truly meant, assuming there are any. For many centuries music was passed on through repetition and imitation, not from reading notes on a web page. How it developed and morphed throughout that point is subsequently inconceivable to determine.