Understanding the Art of Music

In general, the notion of musical art is a branch of art that uses music and its elements as a means of expressing an artist’s expressions and feelings. Through music, an artist can express himself and his emotions through sounds arranged in such a way, both with vocals and musical instrument sounds.
Music Functions
Music has many functions and purposes for human life in various fields. The following is a discussion of some of the functions of music in general.
• As a medium for self-expression.
• As a medium of entertainment and free time.
• As a means of communication.
• As a means of education and learning.
• As a ritual and religious ceremony.
• As a musical accompaniment to dance.
• As a form of regional culture.
• As a means of aesthetics and beauty.
• As a profession and a livelihood.
Elements of the Art of Music
Music is formed from several important elements in it so that it becomes a unified whole. The elements of music are as follows:

  1. Melody
    A melody is a series of three or more notes that sound in a logical order, have a rhythm, and express ideas.
  2. Rhythm
    Rhythm or rhythm is a measure of time or tempo that determines the beat in the entire music.
  3. Harmony
    Harmony is a regular mix of melody and tone continuously resulting in the beauty of musical compositions.
  4. Time Frame
    Time Frame is an element of musical art in the form of a beat or swing repeatedly regularly at the same tempo.
  5. Scale
    The scale is a sequence of notes arranged in stages where each note has a certain distance. The scale is divided into two, namely the diatonic scale consisting of 7 tonnes and the pentatonic scale consisting of 5 tones.
  6. The tempo
    The tempo is the rate at which music is set by the number of beats per minute.
  7. Dynamics
    In music, dynamics are the level of softness and loudness of music when playing so that it doesn’t sound flat or monotonous.
  8. Timbre
    Timbre is the quality or color of sound in music. Timbre is very dependent on the sound source and the way an instrument is vibrating.
    Types of Music Arts
    The art of music has some types that are distinguished into several categories. The following is a classification of the types of music in general and what are the genres of popular music.
    • Traditional music
    Traditional music is a legacy from the ancestors of every ethnic group in Indonesia. Each region in Indonesia has different musical instruments and is used for different purposes. Traditional music art is a type of music that is influenced by the customs, traditions, and culture of certain communities. Traditional music lives in the community for generations and is maintained as a means of entertainment.
    • Contemporary Music
    Contemporary music is a type of music that begins to introduce new musical elements that have not been used in the previous period. This type of music began to appear and develop in the 1990s.
    • Modern Music
    Modern music is a new type of music that is dynamic and has used certain technology, both in terms of its instruments and in its presentation. Modern music is universal, which means it is not tied to a particular area.
    Generally, modern music is also divided into several popular music genres that have developed from year to year. The following are types of popular music genres.
    • Pop
    • Rock
    • R&B
    • Blues
    • Hip hop
    • Jazz
    • Reggae
    • Country
    • Electronic
    • Soul
    • Funk
    • Dance
    • Classic
    • Punk
    • Metal
    • Alternative