The world witnessed 3 musical bands that went viral in no time!

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After buying your sound system you can check out the top 3 musical bands that went viral, leaving a huge impact on their fans.

One Direction-Drag me down

One Direction released  “Drag me down” without Zayn Malik in 2015 which set a record on Spotify for hitting number 1 across a global chart on the day of its release.

On July 31st Friday, it was streamed 4.75 million globally breaking the record of “See you again” by Wiz Khalifa, streaming 4.26 million times on April 17, 2015.

Jamie Scott, John Ryan and Julian Bunetta wrote Drag me down. Ryan and Bunetta produced it.

Soon after its release on Friday, it became trending on Twitter and billboard at number 140.

The song did not leave a chance to top the charts in fifteen individual countries such as United States, Malaysia, Peru, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Malaysia, Poland, Ecuador, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Canada and Argentina.

On youtube alone, Drag me down has the viewership of 915,861,158.

Little Mix-Black Magic

Little Mix is the band of four girls formed in 2015 during the eighth version of “The X Factor”. They released a song Black Magic that gained huge popularity. Little Mix used Black magic as a metaphor which meant to empower women to gain the confidence to get their choice of man.

Black Magic made it to number 67 in the US Billboard Hot 100 in the third week and attained the highest charting US single.

In the UK and Europe, it became number 1 on the UK Official Charts Company. It received 1.97 million streams. For three consecutive weeks, it remained on number 1.

The success of Black Magic made Little Mix the first UK girl’s band to remain number 1 for more than a week, making a fourth-highest debut in the UK. It marked the highest pre order sales in the year 2015.

Jonas Brothers-Sucker

Jonas Brothers (Joe, Kevin and Nick) separated professionally for more than five years, and fans could not hold it longer. When they announced the reunion in 2019, they released their new song featuring their leading ladies in the midnight after the announcement.

Sucker is a full of life and funky track that helped Jonas Brothers to make a storming comeback.

Jonas Brothers fans from all over the world got excited with the announcement. Soon after the release, it went viral overnight.

It made it to number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 songs for the first time. Twelve years ago, the Jonas brothers made it to number 5 with their song “Burnin’ Up”.

Today on youtube, it has 296,892,986 views after its premiere on 1st March 2019.

There are other musical bands too that did not leave a chance to amaze their fans but One Direction, Little Mix and Jonas Brothers went viral overnight, leaving a huge impact on their fans globally.