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After a brutal stint in an artillery unit, which he described as “terrible,” he landed in an army dance band. Yet his father was a talented commercial artist and, as Julian said in the glorious 2003 documentary, My Life in Music, “a natural musician.” Henry Bream led an amateur dance band and it was his Django Reinhardt 78s that drew Julian to the guitar.

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Our Mentor Series pairs a veteran of the artwork form with a younger musician, who then work together performing throughout the North-east at a number of venues. The Jazz Gallery is America’s premier efficiency venue for rising artists who challenge convention, take creative dangers and lead their field as performers, composers and thinkers. Through residencies, commissions, performances, and exhibitions, we offer a platform for artists to discover their unique voice and a home for established musicians to proceed to experiment and grow.

His father additionally had a e-book of fingerboard harmony by the great early jazz guitarist Eddie Lang; that grew to become young Julian’s first information. He would go to his father’s gigs, sit behind the curtain and play alongside.

  • If people have been still enjoying swing, it wasn’t authentic — the style had been exhausted.
  • Bebop musicians employed a number of harmonic devices which weren’t previously typical in jazz, participating in a more abstracted form of chord-based improvisation.
  • A musical artwork type rooted in West African cultural and musical expression and in the African American blues custom, with diverse influences over time, commonly characterised by blue notes, syncopation, swing, name and response, polyrhythms and improvisation.
  • But by this time, the popular music business had deserted producing meaningful jazz for crooners and R&B.


Over the previous 25 years, we have presented over 500 different bands & bandleaders. Many of the musicians who obtained their first gigs on our stage have gone on to be leaders in the jazz field. Most of at present’s nice jazz musicians had been raised via informal channels and gained invaluable experience working alongside their heroes. Future generations of nice jazz will depend upon the continuation of this group-minded mentoring custom that is, unfortunately, turning into much less widespread as jazz training has become extra formalized in conservatory and university settings.

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At The Jazz Gallery, artists and audiences come together from around the globe to explore new inventive ideas, collaborate and celebrate jazz as a dynamic artwork kind that displays our ever-altering world. It was back to jazz in 1952 when Bream needed to fulfill his nationwide service.