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Bass Underwriters

Allen Musser, Oklahoma, captured ninth place with a 9.41# stringer while John Duvall, Arkansas, rounded out tenth with a 9.32# weight. The first day of the event greeted the anglers with the specter of rain but a lot cooler temperatures.

The tournament was held on Eufaula Lake out of the South Point space in Eufaula, Oklahoma. The contestants have been allowed to fish all waters of the a hundred,000 acre plus lake. That gave them over 100 shoreline miles to fish, determining to appropriate space of the lake to fish was the biggest problem. From the South Point ramp anglers could go 20 miles in 5 completely different directions in their pursuit to search out the most productive fishing space.

Josh Ray, Arkansas, took over sixth place with the largest of the 11# baggage. Four Oklahoma anglers took seventh through tenth with only 0.fifty eight# separating seventh to tenth. Stewart … Read More

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