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Yamana Gold Adopts Industry Standard On Tailings Management

Although gold is the most noble of the noble metals, it still types many various compounds. The oxidation state of gold in its compounds ranges from −1 to +5, but Au(I) and Au(III) dominate its chemistry. Au(I), referred to as the aurous ion, is the most common oxidation state with delicate ligands similar to thioethers, thiolates, and tertiary phosphines.

The proportion of gold in the alloy is measured by karat (k), with 24 karat (24k) being pure gold, and decrease karat numbers proportionally less. The purity of a gold bar or coin can also be expressed as a decimal figure starting from zero to 1, often known as the millesimal fineness, similar to 0.995 being practically pure. Although the prices of some platinum group metals could be much higher, gold has long been considered probably the most fascinating of treasured metals, and … Read More

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