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The Jazz Playhouse

After a brutal stint in an artillery unit, which he described as “terrible,” he landed in an army dance band. Yet his father was a talented commercial artist and, as Julian said in the glorious 2003 documentary, My Life in Music, “a natural musician.” Henry Bream led an amateur dance band and it was his Django Reinhardt 78s that drew Julian to the guitar.

America’s Destination Jazz Festival

Our Mentor Series pairs a veteran of the artwork form with a younger musician, who then work together performing throughout the North-east at a number of venues. The Jazz Gallery is America‚Äôs premier efficiency venue for rising artists who challenge convention, take creative dangers and lead their field as performers, composers and thinkers. Through residencies, commissions, performances, and exhibitions, we offer a platform for artists to discover their unique voice and a home for established musicians to proceed to experiment and grow.… Read More

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