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Since 1953, White House of Music has supplied Southeastern Wisconsin with the most effective number of musical devices, sheet music, music accessories, and rental, restore, and music schooling companies. Of course, we also carry cables for microphones, audio system, guitars, basses, and absolutely anything else that requires one. We have tuners such as the SN-1 Guitar and Bass Tuner from Snark and the DT-10 Digital Pedal Tuner from Korg.

New Braunfels Music

Accessories are absolutely integral gadgets for any musician. Take a look around, discover the perfect gadgets for you, and watch as your abilities truly begin to flourish. Meyer Music carries a large inventory of supplies and accessories for pupil and professional musicians alike. Our friendly store layout permits simple searching and comparability of reeds, strings, mouthpieces, stands, tuners, metronomes, gig luggage, sticks, mallets, and a lot more.

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  • We take care of brass, woodwinds, percussion, and string instruments and
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