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Rock Art Games . Peg + Cat

Hence the definitions adopted in rock names simply correspond to selected factors in a repeatedly graduated series. Most rocks contain silicate minerals, compounds that embrace silicon oxide tetrahedra in their crystal lattice, and account for about one-third of all identified mineral species and about 95% of the earth’s crust.

The Rock Boat Is Back!

Israeli military officials said there was an exchange of gunfire, which Hezbollah denied. Israeli military officers say Hezbollah has planted many rockets in southern Lebanon that could threaten northern Israel.

For the first time, geologists have extracted intact rock samples from 2 miles beneath the surface of the San Andreas Fault, the notorious rupture that runs 800 miles alongside the size of California. There are celebrities over forty years old who can still rock a tattoo.

The proportion of silica in rocks and minerals is a significant factor in figuring out their names and properties. The … Read More

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