Exploring Afrofuturism In Music And Visual Art

“At Mayfield School we encourage everybody to become concerned in the arts, whether they seem to have a pure capability or not. Dan is a good trainer, can’t wait for the next round of watercolor classes. There are so many proficient instructors instructing voice, dance, instrument, and art lessons, highly suggest. My daughter attended MAD camp this July and I suppose we’ve finally discovered her ‘niche’.

Songbirds is owned and operated by younger adults who relate properly to the youngsters and actually appear to like what they’re doing. This makes for a unbelievable and rewarding expertise for everyone. I will definitely be sending my daughter there for more of their programs.

Principal, Antony Spencer, shares the fears of others that arts and creative subjects are in peril of being elbowed aside. At Box Hill School, in Surrey, nice importance is placed on a holistic education; drama and dance are an … Read More