The Jazz Corner

Within the context of jazz, nonetheless, harmony is the first referent, not rhythm. The harmonic progression can start on either aspect of clave, and the harmonic “one” is all the time understood to be “one”. If the development begins on the “three-side” of clave, it’s mentioned to be in 3–2 clave (proven under).

In February 1918 during World War I, James Reese Europe’s “Hellfighters” infantry band took ragtime to Europe, then on their return recorded Dixieland requirements including “Darktown Strutters’ Ball”. Morton’s solos, nonetheless, were still close to ragtime, and were not merely improvisations over chord changes as in later jazz, but his use of the blues was of equal significance. Another influence came from the harmonic fashion of hymns of the church, which black slaves had realized and incorporated into their own music as spirituals. The origins of the blues are undocumented, although they are often seen because the … Read More