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Bass Gear Icons: Michael Pedulla

There are 7- and eight-string guitars, and 5- and 6-string basses. Once you understand the fundamentals of 1 instrument, the remainder is easy to determine. The standard bass guitar has solely four strings and is a barely bigger instrument. The tuning of a bass guitar is similar as the lowest 4 strings of a regular guitar, except one complete octave down in pitch.


They belong to completely different families of instruments and might cover a variety of musical roles. TBF is owned by these we serve and dedicated to the game of fishing.

For instance, some instruments fall into multiple category. The cello is considered a tenor instrument in some orchestral settings, but in a string quartet it’s the bass instrument. Also, the Bass Flute is actually the tenor member of the flute family although it’s known as the “Bass” Flute.

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