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This San Diego Comic-Con exclusive of Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister from “Game of Thrones” is value greater than a handful of money. Hal Jordan and his energy ring have proven to be formidable opponents for Funko Pop collectors. This glow-in-the-darkish variant of Freddy Funko dressed as the popular DC villain, Deathstroke, demands a reasonably penny. This extremely-rare metallic blue Freddy Funko dressed as one of the flying monkeys from “The Wizard of Oz” can command far more than the Pop Price Guideā€™s average worth of $2,290. This is among the extra popular gadgets on this record, with numerous Headless Ned Stark Funkos having been bought and offered on eBay.

This Freddy Funko variant has an estimated value of $1,750, but one hopeful Pop shark was trying to hock one for $20,000 on eBay. Surprisingly not all that rare, there have been 480 of these 2012 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives … Read More