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How Are The Music Charts Calculated?

The sajaegi problem is casting a shadow over the Korean music scene. Experts are discussing tips on how to reassess the music charts within the digital era.

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Next, I don’t have a term to describe what I’m calling the Pre-Chorus. Or, perhaps the primary half could perhaps belong to the Verse earlier than, that would be kosher.

As a pop musicophile, I all the time find it amusing when I get academically offended. The sections on this song are all types of anti-textbook, keeping me in verify! Like the primary — I guess we’d call it the Chorus since it’s repeated — is that this 28-bar stream of consciousness thing, and then the second time it comes round, the third and 4th stanzas disappear, inexplicably, for no reason. And there’s this four-bar Pre, or maybe Post-Chorus thing, or wait, maybe it’s a Refrain? And then the end is simply the … Read More

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