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Lead playing on a six string guitar usually includes simply utilizing its top four strings. Bluegrass and jazz players typically use much less amplification than blues, psychobilly, or jam band players.

The double bass is played with a bow (arco), or by plucking the strings (pizzicato), or via a variety of prolonged strategies. In orchestral repertoire and tango music, each arco and pizzicato are employed. Classical music makes use of the natural sound produced acoustically by the instrument, as does traditional bluegrass. In jazz, blues, reggae, and associated genres, the bass is frequently amplified.


Tenor guitars came to prominence once more within the 1950s and Nineteen Sixties, probably due to the results of the Dixieland jazz revival and the people music boom. At this time, they were made by makers such as Epiphone, Gibson, Guild and Gretsch as archtop acoustics and/or electrics, in addition to a spread of flat prime … Read More