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He offered the land in 1890 to Ferdinand Walther and developed the land for vacationers. In 1911, the State of Illinois purchased the location, making it the state’s first leisure park. In the 1930′s the Civilian Conservation Corps placed three camps at Starved Rock State Park and began building the Lodge and path techniques you could now witness here at the Park.

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In 1966, Starved Rock State Park was named a National Historic Landmark. Starved Rock State Park’s Lodge and Cabins had been listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on May 8, 1985 as part of the Illinois State Park Lodges and Cabins Thematic Resources Multiple Property Submission. In 1835, Daniel Hitt purchased the land that’s right now occupied by Starved Rock State Park from the United States Government, as compensation for his tenure in the U.S.

Starved Rock State Park is a world aside from anything in Illinois! You will realize it the minute you enter the park, as you wind your automobile through the towering trees. Amazing seasonal waterfalls are lively in the spring and after heavy rains. We have 13 miles of trails to explore and the Illinois River presents fishing (ice fishing, too), boating, extraordinary views and great places to loosen up.

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For starters, Orwell’s Animal Farm is being made by the creators of Reigns with Failbetter’s Emily Short. Click beneath to read our commonly asked questions on Starved Rock State Park & Lodge, trails, canyons and the campground.