List of the Best Indonesian Song Charts 2020 Version of Spotify

Some of Indonesia’s newest songs today have a fresher feel and are pleased to hear. Many young musicians, newcomers, give fresh or new nuances to the Indonesian music industry. Some of the songs below that you must watch.

  1. Adaptation – Sincere
    The first song is Adaptation from Tulus. The song released in 2020 has the Pop genre. This song occupies a lot of first ratings and attracts many teenagers.
  2. But Not Me – Logonta Tarigan
    In the second row, there is a song entitled But Not Me which was created by Judika and then sung again by Logonta Tarigan, the second winner of Rising Star Indonesia 2019. For some time he did not receive support from the people closest to him to become musicians, Logonta Tarigan’s struggle was not in vain, because slowly the man who is familiarly called Gon won second place in 2019 Rising Star Indonesia.
  3. Waiting – Via Vallen
    The next song is the song Menunggu from the singer from Surabaya, Via Vallen. Known as a dangdut singer, Via often sings pop genre songs.
  4. The Love Cheater – Jaz
    Another list of the best songs comes from the handsome Jaz, the Cheater. The song, which was released on March 18 and followed by the MV on April 3, presents a mellow song because the theme song is about heartbreak. This song tells the story of someone who is betrayed by his lover. The main character in this song must be willing to see his lover cheating on someone else when he is only a short time away.
  5. Today is the day after tomorrow – Brisia Jodie
    The next song is the latest single from the ninth season of Indonesian Idol dropout, Brisia Jodie, entitled Hari Ini Tomorrow Lusa. The song Today Tomorrow Lusa, released in April 2020, depicts lovers who love each other until death separates them. In the song Hari Ini Esok Lusa, this musician from Yogyakarta emphasizes the importance of loyalty in building a loving relationship with someone.
    Although various genres are owned by Indonesian musicians. Such as rock, pop, R&B, jazz, dangdut, and other genre songs. However, pop songs are still very popular with the domestic music market, including being a favorite among young people. No less than in previous years, in 2020 many Indonesian pop songs are currently popular and much-loved by listeners.
  6. No Haste – Juicy Luicy

This song is very suitable for listening to some young people who are finding it difficult to move on and form new love. Accompanied by guitar strumming and colored saxophone sounds in several parts which are certainly nice to hear.

  1. Convenient – Andmesh

The song titled Nyaman tells the story of a journey to find love for someone who finally finds a suitable partner. Love for her and make her comfortable and he no longer hesitates to take care of her.

  1. Pretending to Forget – Mahen

With Pura Pura Lupa, Mahen’s song tells the story of someone who pretends to forget. Namely, the ex-lover, even though the person actually can’t forget the moment they reunited with him.

  1. Beware of Falling in Love – Fleet
    Debut in 2020, the song titled Awas Jatuh Cinta was sung by Armada. Even the new video clip was released in February. Collaborating with Angga Yunanda and Yasmin Napper as models who portray characters very well.