Every Song That Hit No 1 On The Billboard Hot one hundred This Year

It’s not one of the best Bieber-that includes EDM-pop single — but its moody, tropical vibe is still downright addicting. “I’m the One” was a stroke of genius on the part of DJ Khaled, who introduced collectively three of music’s brightest stars for one summer-defining hit. It doesn’t have much substance, but it does have one thing for everyone, and Bieber’s silky voice within the chorus ties the whole thing collectively. Quavo, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and DJ Khaled within the music video for “I’m The One.” “No Brainer” is a fun, feature-packed joint from DJ Khaled’s hit-making factory — however it’s additionally an obvious try to remake the magic of “I’m the One,” which instantly makes the track less fascinating.

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Unfortunately, you possibly can only get wrecked by it once, because after your mind has processed the beat, you can never have that very same misplaced-and-discovered feeling once more. The Intro to this one starts off a few clicks quick and then slows down, you can almost hear the place they dragged the mouse of their DAW. Also, cool reduce-n-paste within the second Verse of what seems like a pattern of a church choir or one thing, perhaps that’s why they made it longer than the primary Verse. This type of digital craftsmanship is why I think it’s time everyone put DAWs in the identical class as devices themselves, like they should be included in elementary school posters and like, puzzles and stuff.

“Beauty and a Beat” has some catchy moments, however total, it’s extraordinarily grating. Not to mention, it’s uncomfortable — and even slightly grimy — to listen to a 30-yr-old Nicki Minaj rap about wanting to hook up with a barely-18-year-old Bieber. “Beauty and a Beat” featuring Nicki Minaj brings up the rear at No. 18 on our list.

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  • “R U Still Down” was the start of a vibrant posthumous profession for Tupac, who was shot dead in 1996.
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Now 25 years old, Justin Bieber has been a pop juggernaut since his tween days. If it’s true we’re the primary era in a very long time that will end up having less than our parents, I guess perhaps that features modulations? Moving on, the final Pre-Chorus sectionin this onehas some yummy “sus” and “add” chords on the “♭VI” and “♭VII” chord roots, adopted by a half-measure tag in addition. So, since you miss the place the backbeat is initially, there’s no telling what your brain is gonna do to try to to make sense of it on this one.

Hey look it’s Ed Sheeran again with the final of our twelve #1’s for 2017! This time he’s got a Pre-Chorus section that changes about half the lyrics to make it type of this Pre-Chorus-Verse type factor. Can’t keep in mind once I’ve seen one thing like this before, a minimum of to not this degree of lyrical tinkering. The Verses in this one are these kind of hybrid issues, since they utilize the same lyrics for half.

DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, and Quavo within the music video for “No Brainer.” It’s a relatively candy song that celebrates the three singers’ marriages, but it additionally will get tremendous boring after more than one or two listens. Ultimately, it is only a forgettable, phoned-in attempt by three men to paint themselves as dreamy husbands. As I previously wrote for Insider’s evaluate of “Changes,” any catchy or enjoyable aspect of this song is completely ruined by the refrain and its nauseating repetition of “yummy,” one of many cringiest phrases ever used to explain having intercourse together with your wife.

You wouldn’t think it, but this apply is quite uncommon within the craft of songwriting. Also unusual is giving the Chorus the thinnest instrumentation, a minimum of to begin (just a slappy bass).