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This track is superbly colored by the friendship between Bangtan’s resident soulmates V and Jimin. They’ll make you long for your BFF as they weave cryptic traces about “the dumpling incident” and vow to remain simply as linked “when this cheer dies down”. It’s only becoming that Bangtan’s dance leader J-hope should compare falling in love with pulling some shapes. “Hey dance with me, dance with me / Any sort of dance is fine with me ” he invites over pumping beats that back up his call and propel you to move. If BTS were ever requested to write a Bond theme, ‘House Of Cards’ might function a robust framework.

It’s disorientating and dizzying, as if the observe has wandered into its very own set of incorrect turns, reflecting the lyrics that evaluate affairs to a labyrinth. Here BTS imagine a life without their fans and ponder how different things might need been. “If I didn’t know you / Maybe I’d have given up,” suggests Jimin on the soaring synth-pop gem. Ultimately the band conclude that their fandom has been brought one about by destiny.

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“Your chilly face tells me everything somewhat than phrases / I can see a break up rising over me like a high tide,” Suga says via results that amplify the gap between him and his companion, his voice coming in and out of focus. ‘Look Here’ finds young BTS showing off their delicate, sultry falsettos with alluring ease, and it’s all set to a gently trotting guitar twang. “Look here, don’t run away,” they command, voices dropped to a hush. There’s a hint of trip-hop to this dark and woozy minimize, which retains BTS’ power subdued as they depict a torpid, listless existence of plodding around within the rain and absent-mindedly drifting round their house. Soft falsettos soaring because the band shut out their first ‘O!

The group’s trio of rappers ship a powerful account of a break-up, evaluating the break up to an “incurable illness”. It’s like taking a blazing blowtorch and scorching it across your coronary heart. A warped synth sound cuts by way of the song, dragging throughout slapping beats and RM’s measured delivery.

Frank Baum’s sixth Wizard of Oz book, 1920’s The Emerald City of Oz, it tells the story of an “ugly” man who locks himself away from the world out of shame, however comes to regret letting his insecurities management his life. This is the closest BTS have come to creating a grime observe, its creeping hip-hop beat perforated by notes that sound like drawn-out sirens.

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’, they proceed that approach, noting that they can’t say “there’ll only be good issues from now on”. But this track for his or her fans does promise one factor – as long as they’re together, they can hope “for extra good days”. You’d by no means guess this emotive vocal line music was produced by frequent collaborator Steve Aoki – there’s not a ‘womp’ in sight.

BTS’ first-ever cypher is a delight – it feels like a moment that wasn’t meant to be included on their debut album, like you’re eavesdropping on a bunch of younger pals embroiled in a friendly rap battle. J-hope, Suga and RM already prove they’ve obtained the ability of good wordplay, but most iconic of all is Jin’s verse. Early BTS might need been characterised by huge hip-hop sounds but ‘Like’ is an exception to that. It’s stuffed with caramel melodies and a softly lilting vocal hook, cushioning a story of heartache in the social media age. Lost love crops up so much in Bangtan’s back catalogue and it makes its presence known here, the band clinging onto a relationship that’s on its final legs.

Charli XCX, one of pop’s most prolific collaborators, jumps on this monitor taken from the BTS World sport soundtrack. Alongside the British pop star, Jungkook, Jin and Jimin weave an ode to following your dreams over a pleasant EDM bed that lightly drives issues to a twinkling conclusion. BTS are nothing if not inventive when it comes to analogies for the demise of a coupling. This time, they take the autumnal image of brown, crisping leaves and relate it to a romantic flame fluttering and burning out.

Its stately instrumentation slowly weaves mystery through the monitor, which compares a relationship to a home of playing cards – precarious, unable to face up to any true hardships. Over piano prospers and jazz-leaning beats, Bangtan recognise the complexities of affection. Here, they could have met the love of their lives, however they’re painfully aware things aren’t always going to be sunshine and rainbows – especially in the event that they hide their true selves.

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BTS started taking over their haters pretty early in their career. “Whatever they are saying / I’m right here for my music,” RM purrs on this 2013 observe, having easily situated the willpower to hold on. Snapping beats clatter together on this plea to a era of girls to just accept who they are and not succumb to the pressures of Korea’s image-centered society. “You’re stunning sufficient / Don’t worry, don’t fear,” Suga sings.