10 Indonesian Traditional Musical Instruments

In today’s digital growth, traditional Indonesian musical instruments have been forgotten, even children born in the 2000s are more interested in digital music such as EDM and remixes. So that slowly forgetting the typical Indonesian musical instrument that should be cultivated from generation to generation.
Indonesia is the largest country in Asia and this country certainly has a lot of diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and languages ​​of each region. Even each region has its musical instrument that is identical to their respective regions. The below is an original Indonesian musical instrument that has been recognized by the world, which is the pride of the region

  1. Angklung
    Angklung is a musical instrument originating from West Java which is well known to the world, every anniversary of the City of West Java, angklung music is one of the things that must be included to enliven the city, usually West Java residents go around the city center in the morning while playing this angklung music.
  2. Gamelan
    Gamelan is a musical instrument from Central Java, how to play this one musical instrument is very easy to do, namely by using a bat.
  3. Postage stamps
    A stamp is a Jambi-based musical instrument made of buffalo horn, the way to play this music is almost similar to a flute instrument in general, which is blown. Usually, the Javanese use a musical instrument from their area to tell them that bad news is happening to the area.
  4. Malay drum
    The Malay drum is a musical instrument originating from Bangka Belitung, this one musical instrument is a type of membranophone. The membrane is the tone or sound produced from this music by hitting together to form a beautiful tone.
  5. Gambus
    Gambus is a musical instrument originating from the Riau area, this musical instrument only has 3 strings to 12 strings. This music is very well combined with drum music to produce music that has a beautiful rhythm and is pleasant to hear.
  6. Tehyan
    Tehyan is a musical instrument from DKI Jakarta and this musical instrument is made from coconut shells and teak wood and is also equipped with strings. When seen in plain view, of course, this music is almost similar to violin music, even the way to play it is the same as violin music.
  7. Panting
    Panting is a native Indonesian musical instrument originating from the Banjar tribe in South Kalimantan. Panting music is almost similar to lute music which only uses 2 strings to 12 strings and how to play it is the same as a lute instrument, which is plucked.
  8. Kacapi
    Kacapi is a regional musical instrument originating from Sundanese. Kacapi itself has the meaning of the name, namely the Sentul plant which is believed by the people there that this music can provide peace to every listener.
  9. Serune Kale
    The Sarune Kale is a musical instrument from Nanggore Aceh Darussalam that has an Aerofon sound which means the sound produced from blowing or gusting wind.
  10. Tifa
    The Tifa is the proud musical instrument of the Maluku and Papua regions, the Tifa is usually used during traditional ceremonies, regional music performances and to accompany a traditional contest dance.